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Inspired By Tuesday

JEWELLERY FOR EVERYBODY’S STORY Why Tuesday? Because it can be just another day, and you have other plans for it. And in the middle of a busy life, on a Tuesday, you have lists to work through and things to do and deadlines to meet and places to go and people to see and phonecalls to make. Then unexpectedly, in the middle of it all, at 2:25pm, there’s that phonecall that you get - that thing that happens - that makes all of it evaporate into insignificance and changes you forever. Good or bad, for worse or for better, devastating or life saving, something happens that redefines everything about you. The life you were in the thick of is immediately, dramatically and forever changed. A reminder that tomorrow is promised to no-one and sometimes granted to some who thought it would never come. For us it was a phonecall on a Tuesday afternoon to say lungs had become available for a double transplant to replace the lungs that wouldn’t last another year. Catch a flight immediately, we operate tomorrow morning at 04:30. This is the jewellery that celebrates the joy and commemorates the tragic that comes on any day at any time. That last day of your life as you knew it. Tuesday.
Inspired By Tuesday
Inspired By Tuesday2 weeks ago
Look at this incredible posy of flowers from my lovely neighbour! Thought I'd share this colour inspiration with some equally vibrant gemstones!



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