Jewelry For Everybody’s Story

by | Apr 16, 2018 | Musings

Welcome to our first introductory blog post! We are Cathy and Vivien – a South African, Franschhoek based couple behind the TUESDAY brand. We’ve been working together designing jewelry for the last 15 years.

We both have stories to tell – Cathy received her bilateral lung transplant in 2016 and Vivien is a brain tumour survivor from 2005…

After Cathy’s transplant we wanted to develop a brand of niche jewelry, but we struggled to find a name that embodied and signified the ground-breaking moments in all our lives – moments which contribute to defining who we are.After much brainstorming and discussion we decided on ‘TUESDAY’….

Why Tuesday? Because it can be just another day, and you have other plans for it. And in the middle of a busy life, on a Tuesday, you have lists to work through and things to do and deadlines to meet and places to go and people to see and phonecalls to make. Then unexpectedly, in the middle of it all, at 2:25pm, there’s that phonecall that you get – that thing that happens – that makes all of it evaporate into insignificance and changes you forever. Good or bad, for worse or for better, devastating or life-saving, something happens that redefines everything about you. The life you were in the thick of is immediately, dramatically and forever changed. A reminder that tomorrow is promised to no-one and sometimes granted to some who thought it would never come. For us it was a phonecall on a Tuesday afternoon to say lungs had become available for a double transplant to replace the lungs that wouldn’t last another year. Catch a flight immediately, we operate tomorrow morning at 04:30. This is the jewellery that celebrates the joy and commemorates the tragic that comes on any day at any time. That last day of your life as you knew it. Tuesday.

Sometimes people don’t understand the universality of this concept. And sometimes people get it immediately! But if you think about it, we’re all born on a particular day – and that day, that significant event, changed the course of life for a host of other people in your life. Many of us go on to graduate, marry, give birth, and experience all sorts of life changing events.And some of these experiences are within our control. But so many simply happen to us along the way. If you just stop and think about it there are so many ‘TUESDAY’ moments worth remembering.

Cathy’s Tuesday event (and Vivien’s by association!) was the catalyst to start design on our TUESDAYJewelry collections; to make something inspiring, meaningful and cherish-worthy. Cathy wanted a special pendant to wear always, and to tell her story in a beautiful and meaningful way.

Weimmediately set about designing one signature pendant, in fact we started the process in Cathy’s hospital room while she was recuperating. And then we designed another and then another, and we have so many ideas still to be realised. This is the initial kinetic (movable) daisy pendant. You can read about the symbolism of it in our TRANSPLANT DAISY Collection.

Each collection has been founded on an inspirational facet of life, on those moments in one’s life that combine to create one’s personal story. We hope you’ll appreciate our designs, wear our jewelry, and keep coming back for more of the story of TUESDAY JEWELRY…

Thank you for visiting,

Cathy and Vivien