Oval Multi-Gemstone Platinum Ring

This was a ‘hardly ever worn’ gemstone pendant. And with some discussion we realised that a colourful and comfortable ring would be worn with much greater relish and appreciation. And with these colours it could potentially be an extrmemly verstaile addition to many outfits – whereas the necklace needed the perfect neckline.

The ring was designed on CAD and we had to make sure the stones were positioned snugly on a curve that was neither too high or too wide. From the photo’s you’ll be able to see how we used video’s of the design process to show to the client along the way. We also printed, cut and fitted a paper sized version of the ring on Cathy’s finger.

This is all done to ensure clients know exactly what they’re getting when the brand new jewellery arrives for the first time. Understanding scale and dimensions of new jewellery is key to making sure our clients are never disappointed.