Tuesday Bespoke

Custom made jewellery with an element of the unexpected…

It’s our speciality to imagine and design a piece with each client’s proclivities, aesthetics and life stories at the forefront of our minds.

We create jewellery tailored to each of our clients and their ‘peculiarities’. Our Mission is to design custom jewellery pieces for the individual – something that wouldn’t easily be found on the shelf in any jewellery store. We aim to design jewellery that feels like we knew you personally, to design jewellery that speaks specifically to the wearer so that they never tire of its beauty and meaning. And we strive to create jewellery that truly captures the heart of the wearer with an element of the unexpected, delivering beauty in the eye of the wearer that is beyond all expectation.

This page showcases some of the jewellery we’ve made for our elegant, conservative, unusual, quirky, eccentric, downright crazy but always appreciative customers.